The Discomfort of Miracles

    (published in Hedra News)

How Uncomfortable are You with Miracles?
How Uncomfortable are You with Miracles?

     My belly button popped out last week.  No need to panic, at least not yet, it hasn’t detached itself.  But just over six months ago I was an “innie”.  Now I’m an “outie”.  See, I’m six and half months pregnant with our fourth boy.  Oh boy!

  My belly button did not protrude like this during my previous pregnancies.  This is a completely new condition and, to be honest, I’m curious, wondering exactly what could be going on inside of me that would cause this phenomenon. 

     Maybe this little guy is far more active in uterus than my previous children at this stage of development.

      Maybe…because I’m craving spicy, exotic foods, my belly button reacted as if feeling attached to a foreign entity.

      The thing is, though I’m comfortable with most of the changes going on during this phase in my life, this belly-button-thing threw me for a loop.

      For example, I was fine at the start of the pregnancy, when my booty grew faster than my waistline.

      Four months into this journey, I was OK while teaching a Yoga class though I could no longer balance in poses requiring just one leg.

       At five months pregnant, it was fine with me when attempting the Chattaranga (better known as a push up in Yoga), I no longer needed to bend my elbows because my belly already touched the ground.

      Last month I was stuck “in” the couch and my husband needed to push on the center of my back, helping me stand from the now-too-soft-cushions.  I simply laughed at myself.

      But when I awoke with my sweatshirt rubbing a part of my skin that has never been touched, I almost jumped out of bed.  It wasn’t just that this inside skin of my belly button was extra sensitive or that the friction from a shirt felt rough.  The sensation was new, different.  And because it was different, it felt frightening.

      This is often how we feel with the miraculous changes occurring in our lives.  These changes may be wonderful, like someone who typically allows you to do all the work suddenly offering a helping hand. 


      Even the good, helpful changes alarm us as if they are touching some untouched area inside.

      In coaching, I see this quite often.  A client may have challenges receiving.  Receiving compliments, gifts or help.  I’ll work with someone who has finally carved out creative space for their dreams and then they panic.  These gifts feel like a new and awkward sensation, and that sensation, though a good thing, can scare us.

      We can even sabotage these wonderful changes, out of fear, pushing ourselves and our journey ten steps back. 

     How can we handle this from an EMPOWERING PERSEPCTIVE?

     Look for the miracles when changes occur in your life.  That miracle moment could show up in the shape of a new opportunity to learn patience, tolerance, or acceptance.  That miracle moment could be the door opening just a crack for your deepest desires, you know the ones, you have buried them and have almost forgotten they once existed.  So instead of sitting in discomfort of a new “sensation” in your life, slow down, breathe in, breathe out and seek the miracle unfolding before you.