Monthly Archives: May 2015

Welcome Letter to My Inner Critic

Dear Critic,

In my youth, I was told by the outside world that I was far too sensitive. I paid no mind. Instead, I chose to embrace my sensitivity because it helped me feel for others and with others.

When you came along, you nearly strangled me. In fact, for a time, I lost me.


Now we are friends. Finally. I understand your purpose. You keep me aligned. You keep me on track, on path and in step.

You have only been of service and the part of you that became far too enthusiastic for the both of us was really the part of me that needed to grow up and embrace myself and honor my lessons.

I can’t say you’ve been a teacher—but instead a grand guide to keep me honest and in reflection so I could transform. Transform—maybe someday—from a lump to a diamond.


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