The Journey

Writing is an artistic journey, more for the one writing than for the reader. Writers uncover their sacredness in scratching words to pages and then bravely throwing these ideas to the world, hoping others can connect, heal and expand into the print. Share with me this journey, nonfiction literature, a series of installments on my narrative, my view of this path.


2 responses to “The Journey

  • Sylvia Ruiz-Lee

    Rebecca u always touch in the deep of my being . . .i’m sorry i don’t tell u more often. . .how throughout the years you have lifted me out of that hole, forced me into the light, gave me another uuuumph 2 lift my head. . .& more important . . .we all hurt. . . but u draw me u challenge me what am i going 2 do with that pain, with that distress or agony, the despair, loneliness, hopelessness, uselessness & @ the end of the day. . .we must move on. . .we must get out of hiding. . .we must crawl out of the hole. . .thank u Rebecca

  • Linda Hawley

    Rebecca you are so strong. I have had multiple neck surgeries and initially lost the use of my right arm and hand. It got better as I healed. I still have to watch how much time I spend on the computer, coloring my pictures, and playing my organ and I have to limit how much time I get involved with different projects. Remember, When you get well enough, Deanna Brent would like you to come to our women’s support group at the VA. It meets on Tuesday at 4: to 5:00 p.m. We think you would be an inspiration.

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