Writing Tips – Why?

As writers, we often focus on the “how” in writing.  How will the characters move from one room to the next? How will we evoke the much needed emotion in our readers? How can we capture sensory detail to place the reader in the scene, alongside the narrator?

Instead of “how”, focus on the “why”. When you answer the why questions in storytelling, you satisfy the reader and you retain your story line. Why did the character say that? Why didn’t the character say this? Why is the character motivated to act a certain way?

“Why” questions resolve the motivation behind the movement.

Of course, these why questions help in life as well as in writing. You can turn within and tune in to yourself through “why” questions and let go of the “how”. What I’ve learned is that when I know the answer to “why”, the “how” usually works itself out.


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